Universal Centrifuges

The term universal centrifuge connotes a centrifuge with a variety of rotors choices that can spin at different speeds and process laboratory samples differently. 

The Hermle family of universal centrifuges provide centrifugation options for most routine laboratory work ranging in volumes as small as hematocrit tubes up to 1000mL bottles and bags.  

Rotors are available in either swing-out (low-speed) and fixed-angle (high-speed), which can be further customized with reducing adapter inserts depending on the required speed and tube selection. 

Hermle centrifuges also feature revolutionary new carriers to accommodate unique vessels like culture dishes and chamber slides.

Hermle laboratory centrifuges are available with and without refrigeration and come with a comprehensive five-year warranty for true peace-of-mind. 

For all general purpose laboratory needs there is a Hermle universal centrifuge option.