Accuris qMAX™ cDNA Synthesis Kit

cDNA is a vital research tool for Molecular Biologists. qMax DNA Synthesis Kit from Accuris provides a quick, accurate and reproducible way to obtain high quality cDNA with a complete sequence representation for 4pg to 2μg of total RNA or mRNA.

Now available in two different kit formats. 

The original cDNA Synthesis Kit comes as a convenient 2-tube format for easy reaction set up and is ideal for 4pg to 0.5µg of input RNA.

The new First Strand cDNA Synthesis Flex Kit includes four components: Reverse Transcriptase, Buffer, oligo (dT) primers, and random hexamer primers. 

Our flex kit is ideal for 10pg to 2.0µg of input RNA.

Both kits include the exceptionally thermostable qMax Reverse Transcriptase, which allows for transcription to take place at higher temperatures (alleviating secondary structure problems) and generates a very high cDNA yield from a very small amount of RNA.

A potent RNase inhibitor maintains the integrity of the total RNA.

The perfect environment for highly efficient cDNA synthesis is provided by the supplied 5X buffer. The buffer is optimized for superior data accuracy and reproducibility with limited starting material and low-copy templates from a wide range of RNA sources.

The original Accuris qMax cDNA Synthesis Kit is an easy-to-use, two tube formulation that contains a blend of random hexamer and oligo (dT) primers. This mix of primers ensures unbiased and reproducible synthesis with true, relative cDNA representation.

An input range of 4pg to 0.5μg of total RNA or purified mRNA is recommended.

The Accuris qMax 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Flex Kit is supplied with separate solutions of oligo (dT) primers and random hexamer primers for greater flexibility in assay design. The kit has a sample input range of 10pg to 2μg of total RNA and provides consistent, high yields of fragments up to 9kb in length.

The centerpiece of the qMax cDNA Synthesis Kit is qMax RT - a thermostable reverse transcriptase that allows reactions to be carried out at higher temperatures, thus eliminating the problems created by secondary structure in the RNA.

A potent RNase inhibitor maintains integrity of the starting material. Unbiased representation and synthesis are ensured by a precise mix of anchored oligo (dT) and hexamer primers in the 5X buffer system.

Buffer and enzyme are supplied in separate tubes to allow for negative control reactions.

Accuris qMax qPCR mixes are the ideal partner for quantitative PCR of cDNA.