Hermle Z327K High-Speed High-Capacity Refrigerated Benchtop Universal Centrifuge

Hermle Z327K High-Speed High-Capacity Refrigerated Benchtop Universal Centrifuge

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The Hermle series of high capacity/high performance centrifuges represents one of the best value purchases for your lab. German designed and ruggedly built, these machines have been a staple for over sixty years.

Available with and without refrigeration, and configurable with a catalog of 33 different rotor options.

Seasonal bundle packages from the manufacturer offer additional savings on the most popular units.

Search for the right fit based on RCF speed and capacity and then give us a call.

One of our experts will work together with you to create the right package at the right price. 

These high performance, high speed centrifuges accept a variety of rotors for tube sizes up to 100mL.

Select from these centrifuge rotors for your Z327 and then equip with buckets and inserts to complete the package

High speed and g-force ratings expand the use of the high speed centrifuges to a range of applications in areas such as molecular biology and basic research.

  • Speed and capacity
  • Powerful, yet compact
  • Sophisticated controls
  • Flexible, compatible with a variety of tubes and plates

A powerful microprocessor provides control over all operating parameters. Both actual and set values can be viewed at all times on the large LCD display. Braking intensity, radius correction and program storage are just a few of the many programming functions available on the Z327 Hi-Speed Centrifuges series.

A continuous air flow system maintains sample temperature in the chamber of the Z327 from rising significantly above ambient. The powerful refrigeration system in the Z327K can cool all rotors below 4°C, even at maximum speed.

The new Quick-COOL feature rapidly cools the chamber down to the desired temperature, at the touch of a button. Safety features incorporated into the Z 326 series include automatic rotor recognition/overspeed protection, imbalance sensors and self diagnostics.

Hermle/Benchmark offers true peace of mind with the best warranty in the business!

Max RCF:
Spins these tubes:
.5ml, 1.5/2.0ml, 15ml, 50ml, 85ml, 100ml, microplates
rotor capacity:
4 x 100ml
Duration of spin:
10 seconds to 99:59 min

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