Teepa Tips

When precision, accuracy and repeatability are important, our Teepa tips are a cut above the competition. 

Made here in the USA from the highest quality virgin polypropylene and featuring a patented liquid release formula that results in exceptional volume recovery, you will be pleasantly surprised how affordable these are. 

Teepa Tips are certified RNase/DNase and human pyrogen free and may be purchased either as a filter (sometimes called a barrier) tip, non-filter and reload tip. 

If you wish to just purchase the reload Teepa Tip, you will need to add some empty boxes to your shopping cart to support the tips. 

This side by side comparison with a "leading" brand pipette tip showcases the superior low-retention property. 

While every lab supplier likes to perform this "dye test" to bolster their low retention claim, they only do so by testing one tip at a time. 

This makes it very easy to manipulate the results depending on how carefully the pipetting is performed. 

Our dye-test demo was done side by side using a multi-channel pipette. No gimmicks or sleight-of-hand here. 

Teepa Tips are, without a doubt, the best low-retention pipette you can find for your precise laboratory work.  


(Solution was 30% glycerol, blue food coloring, and water in all wells)

Don't trust your research to anything but the best.