One of the most essentials pieces of laboratory equipment, the centrifuge has many uses and applications. 

We've chosen to divide our selection by size/capacity. If you are searching for smaller devices with a capacity for mostly microtubes (like 0.2, 0.5 and 1.5mL) then our Benchtop Equipment selection is most appropriate. 

For laboratories in search of higher capacity and speeds that reach up to 65,000 xg, please visit our centrifuge selection under the Large Equipment page. 

Stellar Scientific carries micro and mini-centrifuges from many reputable brands and manufacturers. 

You will find classics like the Benchmark Scientific MyFuge Mini and Labnet Spectrafuge Mini - both with options to choose your own lid color to brighten up your lab. 

Or select the Labnet Prism Mini or Benchmark Scientific MyFuge12 which sport four PCR strip-tube and eight/twelve microtube capacity. 

Other popular models are the Heathrow Scientific Sprout and Crystal Industries MINI that tops out at 10,000 rpms, very fast for a small centrifuge. 

When you need faster speeds for DNA/RNA separation and other molecular biology activities, the Spectrafuge 16M, Spectrafuge 24D, Benchmark MC12, and Prism air-cooled and Prism R refrigerated centrifuges are affordable and durable.