Our Partners

NOTE: The list below was created during our first 18 months of business when we had more time to update regularly.  

It is hard to believe, but we are now partners in over one thousand institutions and companies in North America, and around the globe.

This is a snapshot where we were on 12/31/2015

We are honored to serve these businesses and institutions:

Albright College

Alexandria University – Egypt

American University


Bristol Myers Squibb

Bryn Mawr College

Case Western University

Catholic University

Carnegie Institution

Ceres Nanosciences

Columbia University

Community College of Northern Virginia

Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals

Cornell Medical College

Drexel University

Elizabethtown College


Franklin and Marshall

George Mason University

George Washington University

Georgetown University

Gettysburg College


Governors School of Innovation Park


Harvard School of Public Health

Johns Hopkins University

Lasalle University

Louisiana State University

Mayo Clinic

Morgan State University

Museum of Modern Art (NYC)





Penn State College of Medicine

Radford University

Roche Molecular Systems

Rutgers University

Spark Therapeutics

St. Olaf’s College

Temple University

University of California, Berkeley

University of Delaware

University of Illinois

University of Maryland

University of Michigan

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh

University of Rochester

University of Toledo

University of Wisconsin

Vanderbilt University


Wistar Institute

3M Ceradyne