Radiant™ PCR Reagents


We continually receive outstanding feedback from our Radiant PCR reagent users. Fast run times, convenient packaging and timely delivery all make this family of reagents a regular best-seller.  

A high-performance portfolio of 2X ready-to-use qPCR mixes designed for best-in-class real-time PCR.

Radiant™ qPCR Kits are engineered for robust real-time PCR with earlier quantification cycle values (Ct), industry-leading sensitivity (increased limit of detection) and speed (rapid extension rates).

The proprietary buffer system allows for highly efficient amplification of GC-rich and AT-rich sequences in addition to significant improvements in PCR sensitivity in low-copy assays and PCR conditions conducive to ultra-fast amplification.

Radiant™ qPCR Kits are optimized for advanced multiplexing capability, delivering the same high efficiency, early Ct, and reaction speed even in complex multiplex assays.

Radiant™ qPCR Kits are available for intercalating-dye based assays (GREEN) and also hydrolysis probe assays (TaqMan® and molecular beacons).

  • Novel hot-start chemistry for improved specificity and sensitivity.
  • Next-generation PCR buffer formulations for maximum PCR efficiency and reaction speed.
  • Broad Range detetion for increased reliability in low-copy assays.
  • Versatile 2X Kits, suitable for both fast and standard cycling methods.