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Spread Your Start Up Dollars Further By Financing Large Lab Equipment Purchases at Stellar Scientific

Posted by Stellar Staff on

Speak with enough scientists and you will hear the recurring theme of not enough money to fund all of their ambitious projects and experiments. 

Its a challenging reality that impacts both new lab start ups and established laboratories alike.

This situation forces laboratories to make tough decisions when debating over several costly items on their "must have" list, and the conclusions often create challenges of their own. 

"Can we get the data we need in time if we borrow another lab's real time PCR machine and put our money towards expensive reagents?"

"We desperately need to upgrade all our water baths to help resolve a potential contamination issue, but we just can't spend several thousand dollars at once to do that." 

And so on. 

Our mission at Stellar Scientific is to simplify your world and make it easy for our laboratory partners to stay focused on their important research. 

We've built a world-class company that is focused on delivering a customer service experience that is second to none. 

To take our service to the next level, we've partnered with Taycor Financial, a five-star rated financial company. 

Together with Taycor, Stellar Scientific is now able to offer our partners the ability to apply for equipment leasing terms to better manage their cash flow and accelerate their science. 

Instead of spending $10,000 on a new high-speed centrifuge or CO2 incubator, spread those payments out over 24 months and put more money to work right now!

To learn more about the program and obtain an application for credit visit the special Finance My Purchase page. 

Making science simple again! 

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Defeat the Seat - Staying Comfortable and Healthy Depends on an Ergonomic Lab Chair

In every laboratory, personnel spend a lot of time - often hour after hour - in a chair. With the wrong chair, those hours get grueling. Even with the right chair, it takes the correct adjustments to get the most comfortable and correct seating. It’s all about the ergonomics.According to Ergonomics: The Study of Work from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational [...]

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Get a Grip! Cells in culture need a surface that they can hold on to, like nanopatterned cultureware

Few areas of science get as nuanced as culturing cells. The methods and media vary with the cells being cultured and the downstream experiments and analysis. If one thing matters in most cell-culture applications, it is grip. The cells needs something to hold, something to grab as they grow and divide. One way to provide that feature is with nanopatterned [...]

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Pushing PCR to More Places - More products for the polymerase chain reaction make it ever easier to apply this technology

When Cary Mullis came up with the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in 1983, it might have been hard to imagine how ubiquitous this technique would become in research and clinical labs. PCR is “a common laboratory technique used to make many copies (millions or billions!) of a particular region of DNA,” according to an article on the Khan Academy website. “For instance, DNA [...]

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Go with the Flow for Less - To study thousands of cells more economically, just pick the right supplies.

Flow cytometry simultaneously analyzes a cell in many ways. The features analyzed can include cell size and number, plus molecular markers and other characteristics. Some instruments can analyze a couple dozen or more parameters of a cell. What’s more, 10,000 or more cells can be analyzed every second. So, flow cytometry provides high-content and high-speed results.For an overview of flow cytometry, [...]

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Vapourtec Newsflash - As the first U.S. distributor, we’re proud to offer the Vapourtec SF-10 pump!

Every lab needs a pump, but not just any pump will do. Now, we can bring you a great one—the Vapourtec SF-10 peristaltic laboratory pump. In fact, Vapourtec (Suffolk, UK) just made Stellar Scientific the first U.S. distributor of this pump. Here’s why!Thinking about this choice, Dr. Hannah Chilvers, Distribution Manager at Vapourtec, says, “I was excited by how Stellar Scientific likes to [...]

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Pictures in Pixels - Sensor options and accessories make all the difference in building the best setup for fixed or live-cell digital imaging

Making microscope images is fundamental to biological and clinical sciences. It’s one thing to see something amazing under a microscope and another to capture that image for further analysis or even just for the wow factor. Instead of shooting rolls of 35-millimeter film, today’s scientists - and those for the past couple decades now - rely on digital methods. Moving [...]

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Sizing Up DNA Ladders - These molecular rulers reveal the size of nucleotide fragments

A Penn State website notes that DNA ladders “are among the most commonly used reagents in molecular biology research.” Also known as DNA molecular weight markers, scientists use these reagents to measure the size of fragments composed of nucleotides. That makes DNA ladders as important to a molecular biologist as a tape measure is to a carpenter. In other words, you [...]

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Storing and Sending Slides -The Right Storage Container or Mailer Makes All the Difference

Microscope slides make up one of the most common items in many, many labs. In forensics, healthcare, life sciences and other areas, scientists and technicians often prepare microscope slides. In fact, labs easily make so many slides that deciding what to do with them becomes a challenge. In addition, the increase in collaborative projects, often involving scientists in various countries, drives the [...]

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Preventing Painful Pipetting - Ergonomic Devices Avert Unnecessary Injuries in the Lab

Pushing a pipette too often over too much time can turn lab work into rehab. Despite being a known risk in labs for decades, this problem continues. In 1997, for example, David Buckle of the University of Surrey in the UK reported  in Applied Ergonomics that 90% of people tested complained of hand pain after just an hour of pipetting. With [...]

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