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Look How We Make it Easy to Choose the Correct Hermle Universal Centrifuge for Your Research Laboratory Applications

Posted by Stellar Staff on

Shopping for a universal laboratory centrifuge just got easier thanks to Stellar Scientific's distinctly organized system of Hermle centrifuges and components.  

Unsure what the difference is (is there a difference?) between a carrier and a bucket?; between an insert and an adapter?

Curious how these all work in concert to expand the capabilities of the centrifuge? 

If you've can answer these four basic questions, we're about to make shopping for a universal laboratory centrifuge easier than you thought possible! 

1. Speed - What is the speed range and maximum speed, either measured in rpm or rcf (relative centrifugal force) that you need to obtain? 

2. Container/vessel - What size tube(s), plates, bottles or bags will you be using in the centrifuge?

3. Capacity - How many of these vessels will you need to work with at a time? 

4. Temperature - What temperature do your samples need to be? Room temperature, or no higher than 4C? 

Here's what we done to help: 

1. We've created a special section for pre-set Hermle centrifuge bundle deals:

If you know you are looking for a refrigerated cell culture centrifuge with a swing-out rotor with capacity for 15 and 50mL conical tubes -  check out the Hermle bundle selection. 

Compare the Z326K, Z366K and Z446K to select for capacity, and within five minutes you can be ready to check out and move on to your next great discovery!

2. We've created a separate section for rotors and buckets and linked each rotor to the appropriate bucket option so you can quickly click back and forth between the two. 

Instead of providing a list of rotors and buckets with matching catalog numbers that need to be looked up and cross-referenced, each website page links the connect rotors with buckets and buckets with rotors. 

No matter where you start your journey, you can proceed with confidence knowing you are choosing the correct matching set.

3. We've created a separate section for adapters and linked them to the correct bucket or rotor to eliminate guesswork.

Sometimes you need an adapter to reduce the size of a rotor cavity and boost the speed needed for an application that requires faster speeds using a smaller tube. 

An insert goes into a swing-out rotor bucket, while an adapter goes into a fixed-angle rotor cavity to accomplish this function.

4. We've assigned each rotor, bucket or adapter option to the correct family of compatible Hermle universal centrifuges. 

There are separate sections for the Z326, the Z32HK, the Z446 and the Z496K, by way of example.

If you already have a Hermle universal centrifuge and are looking for a replacement rotor, bucket, insert or adapter, you can find the correct part in seconds, not minutes or hours. 

Check it out for yourself or watch this short sample walk-through video. Here we demonstrate how quickly a shopper looking for a cell-culture centrifuge that can also spin 15mL tubes at 10,000xg can find what they need.  

Stellar Scientific has a wide selection of Hermle centrifuges and the expertise to simplify your shopping experience!

We're ready to help!

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