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Why Are Scientists Settling for Unreliable Ultra Low Temperature Freezers?

Posted by Stellar Staff on

The top three reasons our team came up with. 

1. Big-ticket items are scary, so people look for less expensive options to minimize their risk exposure. 

Nobody likes dropping five-figures of hard earned grant money at any one time, especially on something that is typically kept out of sight and accessed just a few times a day. 

If something goes wrong with a lab freezer, the decision maker (usually the lab manager) is going to bear the brunt of the blame and criticism. 

The thinking goes: "If something bad happens, it was only an eight-thousand dollar risk and not a seventeen-thousand dollar loss." 

2. People make excuses to cover for their cognitive dissonance. 

"Its a good brand name and they make so many other lab equipment items we can't be the problem lies with their ULT freezers, it has to be something else."

"This next one is going to be better..."

Sounds like a bad romance

3. A "big-box store" company has negotiated an institutional-wide deal and people are pretty much bound to buy their brand.

See above about getting stuck in a bad romance.

Considering that an ultra-low freezer failure could wipe out years of work and put a laboratory out of business, it seems sensible to not let this purchase be driven by the bottom line or less than satisfactory justifications. 

Which is why the Stellar Scientific team has chosen to offer just one family of minus-eighty freezers which are more costlier on average than the competition, but which have features unlike any other. 

You cannot find a safer choice to protect your work than an ULT freezer from Z-SCI. 

Whether you choose the top of the line TwinCore model and outfit it with the WizBox predictive monitoring system or the more routine IKKII model, you get the peace of mind that comes from the only lab freezer with two compressors, each capable of maintaining -82.

You get an ULT freezer with the fastest pull-down time and the fastest recovery time on the market. 

Still not convinced? 

Listen to what a customer shared with us recently when asked to vouch for Z-SCI ULT lab freezers. 

We''ve removed the name of the competitor brand. Contact us directly if you'd like to know who was referenced.   

"We have 6 Z-SC1 freezers, four of them have the smart interface which includes the electronic log option as well as the free monitoring by the program, and two of them that do not have those features. 

We have not used the smart features though, due to issues with government policy and internet connections, but hope to hook them up soon!

The first 4 freezers we bought have been in use about 9 months, and are working great. 

During the summer, we open and close them at least twice a day, and they maintain temperature really well. 

The vapor lock release on the doors is nice to allow for easy opening compared to other brands of ultra cold freezers. 

We also have the XXXXXXXX freezers. Two of the original 6 we purchased in 2012 and 2013 have already died.

I think the best feature of the Z-SC1 freezers is their dual compressors, each can keep the freezer at -80 on its own. 

All other brands have two compressors, but one gets the freezer to -40, and the second takes it down to -80. If the compressors fail, the coldest the lone compressor can keep the freezer is at -40. 

Since we will be using ours to archive samples, the ability for one compressor to keep the samples at -80 is very appealing.

I would recommend these freezers, and we will eventually replace all of our ultra cold freezers with Z-SC1."

When you are on a mission, better to sacrifice on personal comfort than critical equipment that could compromise the mission. 

Let Stelllar Scientific and Z-SCI secure your lab with the safest ULT freezer in the world. 

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