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What Makes Our Teepa Tips the Right Pipette Tip for Your Research Lab?

Posted by Stellar Staff on

"Pipette tips are all the same!" 

Ever hear this before? 

I'd like your permission to share FIVE dramatic differences that demonstrate why Stellar Scientific's Teepa Tips will change your thinking and elevate your research. 

1. Compatibility - Teepa Tips have demonstrated exceptional fit and performance on a wide range of pipettes including Gilson, Biohit, Labnet, Rainin (non-LTS) and Eppendorf Research. 

There are companies peddling tips they claim are universal fit, but will not work with Eppendorf Research. Beware the allure of cheaply priced tips, something has to give and it will most likely be the quality of the fit. 

If the seal isn't airtight your accuracy, precision and reproduce-ability are garbage

2. Low-Retention that is actually low-retention - When accuracy matters, like low-volume qPCR, the smallest droplet left clinging to the tip will affect results. 

Even when working with larger volumes, a tip that cannot expel all of an expensive reagent is costing you much more than the "sweet deal" your charming sales rep offered. 

Low retention is not an available option with Teepa Tips. Why should you have to pay extra to get the very best? 

We're sure you've seen the popular "dye test" that every well-trained sales rep uses to demonstrate how their tip is a low-retention tip. We've got videos that do the same: 

Its a nice gimmick and it helps make the point in a very controlled way. 

But to appreciate how superior our Teepa Tip low retention pipette tips are, you have to use them in real, everyday settings. 

Water and 6% loading dye looks nice, but how do your tips handle urine, glycerol and other challenging substances? 

Ask us for free samples and try them side-by-side with your current pipette tip. You will be very impressed. 

3. Accurate Multi-Channel Pipetting -  Can your pipette tips wafer pass the 200 lb test? Teepa Tips do!

One reason why you get poor results when using a multi-channel pipette is because the wafer and box construction are flimsy.

There must be enough counterforce resisting the pipette insertion to help the tip seat properly on the pipettor cone. Wimpy box means a wimpy fit and the dreaded "smile" effect. 

4. Designed for speed! - When you are rushing to set up a 96 well plate assay, the last thing you need to worry about is your multi-channel pipette slamming into part of the tip box that inexplicably protrudes into your work area. In seconds your tips have spilled out across the benchtop and must be discarded or slowly re-inserted into the pipette tip box. 

Teepa Tips are made to operate at the speed of science:

The box is sturdy and cannot be tipped over. 

The edges of the box are low and makes it easy to use just part of a multi-channel pipette to acquire less than a full complement of tips.

The grab-handles on the wafer are low profile and level with the tip box and stay well out of the way so you can rapidly reload tips confidently 

Check it out: (Outdoor photo shoots make everything look lovely!)

5. Versatility - Teepa tips are available in pre-racked non filter tips; pre-racked filter/barrier tips and a convenient reload system to reduce the amount of plastic waste labs notoriously produce. 

You will be spending a lot of time using pipette tips for liquid handling. Make the move to Stellar Scientific's Teepa Tips for a dramatic shift in performance at a price that will pleasantly surprise. 

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