Wobble-Not Pipettes

Wobble-Not pipettes from Vista Lab are a revolutionary new design in serological pipettes. 

Instead of a straight-shaft insert point that only allows for a single point of contact, the Vista Lab Wobble-Not has two-contact points which allow the silicone pipette controller insert to snugly grab hold of the pipette. 

The result? A fit that wont drip, wont leak and wont wobble. 

Go ahead and give them a good shake and you will see little or no motion. 

Like all products designed by Vista-Lab, there is an ergonomic component for safer and healthier use. 

Wobble-Nots require much less insertion force which reduces stress and strain on the elbow. 

Wobble-Not serological pipettes are compatible with all electronic pipette aids from the most popular manufacturers to the most obscure.