Tissue Culture Products

Among the most critical routine activities performed in today's research laboratories. The growing of cells and cell lines requires the correct conditions to protect months of work from going down the drain. 

Stellar Scientific offers three exceptional brand choices of tissue culture plasticware to give our partners the widest scope of options and growth surfaces for their cell culture needs. 


SPL - A Korean manufacturer with ISO 9001:2008, GMP and ISO 13485:2012 certification. We stock their plates, dishes, flasks and other products. 


NEST Scientific - A recognizable brand that is ISO 9001:2008, CE certified and FDA registered. Producers of our unique biofactories for growing vaccines and monoclonal antibodies and a wide range of other uses. Our source for non-treated products required for growing suspension cells. 


CellTreat - Requested by many of our customers who are familiar with this name. We offer their popular cell culture flasks, cell culture plates, uniquely sized cell culture dishes, serological pipettes and roller bottles.