Forensic Lab Tissue Prep

MicroGEM’s forensicGEM Universal kit is the perfect solution for forensic sample processing including Buccal swabs as well as situations where speed, sample size and sample integrity are critical. The temperature-controlled extraction process allows for lysis without purification.

It uses a novel cocktail of temperature-dependent enzymes rather than detergents and reducing agents, such as SDS, mercaptoethonol, and DTT, that inhibit qPCR and STR analysis.

Hands-free, single-tube processing means DNA yields are maintained, processing time is quick, and opportunities for contamination are minimized. This is the perfect approach for processing high volumes of samples when quick turnaround is critical and when DNA extraction from small volume forensic samples is required.

Choose kits that work with your current thermal cycler or select one of the PDQex kits (must have purchased the PDQex nucleic acid extractor unit)


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