Ergonomic Pipettes

Every pipette manufacturer claims their pipettes are ergonomic but there is only one pipette that truly earns this distinction: The VistaLab Ovation series of pipettes. 

Completely redesigned with ergonomics in mind, the VistaLab Ovation pipette is a legitimate career saver. 

Visit the VistaLab website to read testimonials and see supporting documentation about the medical benefits of using the Ovation pipette. 

The electronic version of the Ovation offers all the convenient features found in every electronic pipette: Perform serial dilutions, reverse pipetting and repeat pipetting (fill once, dispense many times) and a few surprisingly clever innovations, like a built in microtube cap opener in the unit base. 

Ovation electronic pipettes are a bit more expensive than discount brand electronic pipettes but a worthwhile investment for lab technicians who are already experiencing pain from repeat pipetting. 

To bring these benefits to laboratories operating on a more restricted budget, the VistaLab team came up with the "M", or manual version of the Ovation; a democratized, less-expensive option which offers all the medical benefits of a genuine ergonomic pipette, at a significantly lower price.

The handy color coding of these ergonomic pipettes make it easy to quickly grab the pipette you need and adds a bright splash of color to even the dreariest laboratory.