General Use Incubators

Sometimes also called microbiology incubators, this category features temperature control devices that do not require a special blend of gasses to operate. 

General purpose laboratory incubators are the choice for a wide range of applications. Stellar Scientific offers lab incubators from bench-top sized (.75 cu foot) up to 38 cubic feet. 

Features to look for when selecting a lab incubator from Stellar Scientific: 

  • Internal power port(s) for operating shakers and other equipment
  • Temperature range. Incubators do not only heat, many come equipped with compressors or other cooling mechanisms that can lower the internal temperature to as low as 0C
  • Number of shelves that come standard and maximum number of shelves the incubator can hold
  • Maximum load per shelf and for the entire incubator
  • Accessories like transport handles for smaller units and wheeled caster bases for larger incubators - making it easy to re-locate
  • Data logging capability and included software package for charting performance history

This section highlights bench-top sized and under the bench sized lab incubators. Look here for our collection of larger (5 cu feet and up) general purpose incubators.