Solvent Filtration

Every so often a new product is introduced that immediately becomes the industry standard and makes all other choices irrelevant.

Like the famed Apollo spacecraft that represented a bold leap into the future, the Stellar Scientific appollo™ solvent filtration unit takes the world of analytical chemistry into whole new territory.

The Stellar Scientific appollo™ solvent filtration unit is the first single-piece polypropylene funnel, designed to withstand harsh solvents that would normally degrade traditional bottle-top filter assemblies.

All active components are FDA-grade which makes appollo™ perfect for the extraction of compounds used in the food and drug industry and the growing cannabis marketplace.

The Stellar Scientific appollo™is available with three different types of membranes:

PES (Purple lettering) - Exhibits very low protein binding and extractables. Faster than Cellulose Acetate and Nylon membrane.

Nylon (Teal lettering) - Naturally hydrophilic and has greater chemical compatibility than other membranes. Extremely low extractables. Best used with solutions containing little or no protein

PTFE (Blue lettering) - Naturally hydrophobic. Great chemical compatibility, making it exceptional for filtering aggressive solvents.

It is available in two different pore sizes: 0.2μm, or 0.45μm, and it is available in 500mL and 1000mL.

The appollo™ system is designed for sterilization or clarification of aqueous laboratory fluids. 

No more frustration trying to clamp down thin slivers of membrane to the top of your glass bottle. Stellar Scientific’s appollo™ is designed to conveniently fit on top of most laboratory bottles with a GL45 thread.

Reduce lost time with the low-cost ring-stand cradle for the ultimate in hands-free operation of the filter unit.


Take pride in this Made in the USA product.

Manufactured in an ISO 13485 clean room in NH.