Lab Ovens

Laboratory ovens have a wide range of functions and applications that span many industries. They can be used for drying glassware, curing compounds, drying asphalt, rock or soil samples - just to name a few. 

The most basic and affordable laboratory ovens use gravity to circulate the air-flow and can be controlled with simple analog dials and a thermometer to confirm temperature inside the chamber. 

More advanced units feature microprocessor controls for more precise temperature monitoring and utilize forced air to quickly remove humidity and speed in the drying process. 

Programmable, or high-performance laboratory ovens, allow the user to program multiple ramp and soak cycles and maintain temperatures up to 306C for long periods of time.

Stellar Scientific represents Shel Lab (or Sheldon Manufacturing) as well as other recognized industry leaders.

Shel Lab products are made in the USA which means easy access to replacement/repair parts resulting in a low lifetime cost of owning and operating a laboratory oven. 

When purchasing a piece of lab equipment that will be with the lab for many years, trust Stellar Scientific to provide the right solution at the right price.