Lab Freezers

Stellar Scientific is very honored to partner with Z-SC1 to source the most efficient and reliable laboratory cryogenic freezers. 

Designed with a unique, dual compressor technology and available active monitoring system (Wiz-Box) that keeps track of the smallest changes in temperature and other conditions to preempt issues long before they become potentially catastrophic failures. 

Other companies claim their dual compressors can keep your samples safe should one compressor go down. But in truth, they can only reach -76C at best. 

Our compressors independently keep the temperature at -82C.

These are simply the best -80 freezers you can purchase anywhere and the choice for bio-banks and anyone who values their samples. 

Happy with a single-compressor ultra cold freezer? Choose the powerful Unicore single compressor ULT that cools from room temperature to -80C in a blazing >2hrs.