Syringe Filters

Which one is right for me? Here is a handy little guide to direct you to the filter that best matches your needs.

PES (Green) - Low affinity for proteins and extractables • Faster flow rate than PDVF • Pre-filtration and filtration of buffers and culture media

PVDF (Blue) - Low protein-binding for filtration of non-aggressive aqueous and mild organic solutions • Maximizes protein recovery • High temperature filtration

MCE (Yellow) - Filtration of aqueous solutions • Effectively binds trace proteins • Oil particulates and bacteria filtration

NYLON (Pink) - Universal application for analytical procedures • Chemical filtration • Beverage filtration

PTFE (White) - Hydrophobic membrane has great temperature resistance • Degassing/clarifying aqueous samples • Strong acid solvent filtration • Alkali solvent filtration