Horizontal Gel Units

Stellar Scientific offers several different families of DNA gel electrophoresis casting systems. 

Labnet ENDURO encompass the widest range of gel systems with casting boxes as small as 7 x 7 cm (mini gels) up to 20 x 20 cm maxi-gels capable of resolving over 450 samples at a time.

The ENDURO Gel XL or Accuris MyGel Mini units are all-in-one DNA electrophoresis systems with built-in power supply, casting dams and gel-running rig.

They are the perfect choice for start-up labs, community colleges, high-schools and anyone who wants to perform DNA gel electrophoresis on a tight budget. 

Looking to watch your DNA bands migrate in real time? Choose the Major Science Safe-Blue DNA gel electrophoresis system.

In addition to the all-in-one design, this unit also features a built-in blue LED light transilluminator.

For exceptional DNA gel electrophoresis, consider preparing gels using one of our molecular biology grade agarose variations. Choose from standard LE grade or one of the specialty grades like Low-Melt, High-Resolution and 3:1

Safety conscious labs that no longer use Ethidium Bromide stains for their DNA gels will approve of our Smart Glow DNA stains for use with Blue LED light sources. 

Stellar Scientific has a DNA gel electrophoresis rig for every type of lab and for every budget.