Hermle Z287-A High-Speed Benchtop Centrifuge with Swing-Out and Fixed Angle Rotor Options

Hermle Z287-A High-Speed Benchtop Centrifuge with Swing-Out and Fixed Angle Rotor Options

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A high-speed benchtop centrifuge that fits equally in clinical and research laboratories. 

The Hermle Z287-A centrifuge performs clinical functions with its selection of low-speed swing-out rotors or molecular biology applications with high-speed fixed angle rotors, including a special rotor designed for column prep tubes. 

The Hermle Z287-A centrifuge also has a low-speed microplate rotor option for preparing plates for qPCR or ELISA tests. 

The timing of the release of the Hermle Z287-A centrifuge is auspicious during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Hermle Z287-A centrifuge offers cost efficient options for laboratories performing a wide range of COVID-19 testing activities. 

Laboratories performing RT-PCR testing can use the Z287-24SC spin column rotor to extract viral RNA from patient samples with a column based prep kit. 

With a quick twist they can replace the rotor with the Z287-02MP microplate rotor to spin down droplets in advance of running qPCR. 

Preparing convalescent patient plasma? The Hermle Z287-A centifuge offers three swing-out rotors with buckets holding tubes 10mL, 30mL and up to 50mL. 

All centrifuge operations are controlled using the EZ-Scroll touch wheel on the front panel. Set RCF/RPM, retrieve saved programs, change the accel/decel rates and more. 

The changing color LED indicator makes it easy for the operator to observe the status of the centrifuge, even from across the room. 

To complete your purchase of a Hermle Z287-A benchtop centrifuge please visit the product accessory page here for rotor options and additional information about each rotor. 

Like all Hermle centrifuges imported by Benchmark Scientific, the Hermle Z287-A is protected by a comprehensive 5-year full warranty. 

Speed Range:
200-14000 rpm
Max RCF:
Max Capacity:
6 x 50mL
Up to 99hr and 59min
14W x 17D x 10H
120V or 230V, 50/60Hz
Power Draw:
5 Years