What sort of company is Stellar Scientific?

Stellar Scientific is a service business that distributes life-science lab equipment and supplies. Our mission is: “to take care of those who take care of the rest of us.”

We do this by delivering an unparalleled customer experience that focuses on simplifying the entire process of maintaining a well-stocked and well-run research laboratory.

We strive to know our customer’s needs “better than they do” so that we can recommend cost effective solutions with the latest products to help our partners be fiscally smart and stay ahead of the curve.

We also have a knack for locating cool "toys" to make your lab work more colorful, productive and fun! 

We see ourselves as a "boutique" laboratory supply company that is focused on laboratory essentials. We have no desire to be the next Wal-Mart.

I placed an order and was told it is back-ordered. Why is it still on your website?

Our warehouse is constantly evolving and expanding as we learn more about which products our partners desire and need to have delivered immediately. 

When an item is back-ordered it almost always means it is being drop-shipped from a manufacturing partner and they have experienced a delay which could be due to weather, a sudden shortage on a critical part or transportation issues. 

Not every customer needs to have their item arrive "yesterday", so we use the following guideline: 

For delays of thirty-days or less, the item will be left on the website and available to purchase.

Longer than thirty-days, we will suspend it or note "Call for Availability" until we are once again confident our customers will receive their orders within a reasonable period of time.

Sometimes a product will be available on pre-order to allow customers to be among the first to have the newest technology in their lab. 

We make every effort to provide the most accurate and up to date information about when the item is expected and modify the website as new data becomes available.

COVID has introduced uncertainty into the supply chain resulting in unexpected delays and items rapidly going out of stock.

If your needs are mission critical and urgent - please give us a call or chat with us before placing an order.  

What markets does Stellar Scientific serve?

Stellar Scientific supports scientific research across the globe. We partner with biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, the military, academic institutions, food and petroleum product companies, high schools and more.

Our website is designed for e-commerce with customers in the United States and Canada. Customers around the world are free to browse our website (we do use cookies to improve your shopping experience, please see here for a list of the cookies we employ).

Once you've done your shopping, contact us with your questions or to prepare a quote. Use the handy "chat with us" feature during regular business hours (8:30-6PM EST) or send us a message on the contact us page.

We ship via UPS, FedEx and DHL worldwide, or will ship on your account with the carrier of your choice.

Please note that all equipment items listed on our website are, by default 115V unless clearly specified as "dual voltage". Most have a 230V option, but you must specifically request it when placing your order.

Because the price for 230V can be different than 115V, we recommend contacting us first before ordering.

We accept POs and wire transfers from approved purchasers and institutions. We will work with your purchasing department on terms (usually, Net 30) to accommodate most situations.

Contact us with your needs and someone will reply quickly. Send an email to info@stellarscientific.com or fill out the form on our contact us page.

If you are looking for GSA pricing, we offer custom quotes that are better than website pricing.

When I make a purchase, do I pay tax?

Based on recent court rulings we are now in the process of activating tax collection for online transactions where required by law.

If you are a tax exempt entity, please email a copy of your tax-exempt status to cs@stellarscientific.com and be sure to notify us that you have done so in the notes section at check-out. We will remove any tax charges prior to processing your order and will keep a copy of your certificate on file. 

Do you offer start-up lab discounts?

You bet we do! 

We know how exciting a time it is setting up a new lab and how carefully money needs to be spent to get as much as you can from the start.

We will work with you to create bundle deals on lab equipment and consumables so that "the more you spend, the more you save!"

What is your philosophy about customer service? 

Taking care of our customers and partners is the most important thing we do.

We will NEVER outsource our customer care department to an overseas call center.

When you have a question, you will reach a US based team that understands your problems, speaks your language and is uber committed to helping resolve issues very quickly.

There are many ways to reach us with a question, comment or concern. Call us, email us or chat with us right on the screen. Often you can find someone waiting to respond as late as 11PM EST. We do need sleep, but not much!

Do you offer free shipping?

Currently, our website is automated to not charge shipping (ground) on all orders over $200 within the Continental USA.

Large equipment items (usually, more than 100 lbs) that are subject to freight charges are reviewed on a case by case basis.  

There are two reasons why most large items still indicate free shipping. 

1. Depending on where the item is to be shipped, it is possible we can offer free freight. Give us a call and we'll let you know quickly. 

2. Google crawls our website and adds its own estimated shipping fee based on our location. However, this figure is highly inaccurate since almost all of these heavier pieces of equipment ship from our manufacturing partners who are located in a variety of states. 

By turning off the shipping field, the price Google reports is more accurate and a better reflection of the value we offer. 

We guarantee that shipping will NEVER be a deal-breaker. We know there is a lot of competition and we pledge to match your best deal, including free shipping.

Why did you choose this name for a life science company?

Because service is the essential mission of our company, we looked for a word that is both a noun and an adjective to summarize the experience of working with us.

How can I join the team?

Stellar Scientific is a brand that represents excellence. Become a brand ambassador by requesting a free “My Science is Stellar” lanyard. We’ll reward you with money off a future purchase to say thank you for joining the team and you’ll be notified of special deals before the rest of the public.

Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIN to find out when we post job openings and let us know what you do to make science stellar every day.