Autoradiography Film

Choose blue radiography film with high-sensitivity or high-contrast properties for developing Western Blots. 

BLU-I™ is a high-quality, blue film that affords high-contrast. Crystal-blue in color, it is easy on the eyes and delivers high-resolution images

Blu-Cis a high quality, especially sensitive blue film that is ideal for picking up fainter signals.

Both Blu-C and Blu-I are designed for a wide range of electrophoretic and autoradiography applications.

Western Blot films are coated on both sides for improved consistency and overall performance.

It reliably produces sharp, bright images that are easily visualized and suitable for publication. Especially useful with chemiluminescence, our family of autoradiography films work well with 14C, 32P, 33P, 125I, and 35S.

Western Blot films are compatible with automatic processors and manual development methods.

Blu-C & Blu-Icompare directly with films costing up to 3 times as much.

Blu-C& Blu-Iare packaged in lined, light-safe dispenser boxes of 100 sheets per box.

Blu-Icomes in a slip-cover type dispenser box.