Because the key to providing stellar customer service is carefully listening to our customers, we're letting everyone know we've decided the time was right to react to a timely need. While most everyone we speak with shares a common value of reducing laboratory waste, the history of product catalogs runs deep and is often seen as an indicator that a business is stable and thriving.

That being so, the requests for a product catalog hit a tipping point and we felt it would not be responsible to stand on ceremony at the expense of not filling this need. 

But, keeping with our mission of doing things differently, we hit on what we think is a compromise that will make everyone happy. 

Instead of publishing a single large catalog of the one thousand or so products we carry, we've chosen to create six separate ones divided by the chief activities performed by most of the life-science research labs we serve. 

This way, a lab that does mostly cell-culture, for example, can select to receive just this one catalog that is most interesting to them. 

Another lab that engages in a broader range of activities can choose up to all six if that works best for them. 

In doing so, we become partners in making the decision how best to serve a lab while making efforts to reduce waste. 

Check out the catalogs here. You can download them or choose to print if you'd like a hard copy.

The catalogs do not contain everything we offer, but serve as a good reminder that "we happen to sell that too." 


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