CO2 Incubators

Critical to any lab that grows cells and tissue, the CO2 incubator is designed to replicate in-vivo like conditions to maximize successful growth. 

While all CO2 incubators are similar, each manufacturer looks to distinguish their product with value-added features that can be cosmetic, or offer better protection against contamination. 

Some things to look for are:

The use of copper and where in the incubator it is placed. Copper has natural anti-microbial properties making it an effective tool in the battle against contamination.

Our Shel Lab CO2 incubators come standard with a copper CO2 intake valve and copper HEPA filter caging.

Ease of use and cleaning. Look for incubator interiors with coved (instead of square) corners and easy to remove shelving to speed up routine decontamination work. 

Newer models, like the Shel Lab SC06AD high-heat decontamination CO2 incubator functions like a self-cleaning oven. Its dry heat chamber reaches 180C temperatures very quickly to fully decontaminate and prepare the incubator in just about 9 hours. 

Length and scope of warranty. Many manufacturers offer three to five year warranties as standard. Shel Lab CO2 incubators come with a full five year warranty on the unit and seven years protection for the integrated IR sensor.