Gel Documentation

More and more labs are upgrading their methods of visualizing and documenting their electrophoresis gels. Stellar Scientific offers gel documentation instruments to fit every laboratory budget. 

Our SmartDoc family of gel documentation systems is by far the most affordable and a popular choice among community colleges and academic institutions. Choose between the model with a built in blue LED transilluminator, or the one that can be combined with your own excitation source. Simply place your smart phone or tablet device camera over the peep hole and snap high resolution images that can be immediately shared with colleagues and analyzed using free software available over the internet. 

The ENDURO GDS system by Labnet features a built in 5MP pre-focused camera that is fool-proof. No more tinkering to get razor sharp images. This instrument is compatible with Windows computers ONLY. 

Many other excellent choices to capture your gel electrophoresis images at publication quality resolution. 

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