Pipette Controllers

Also commonly called "Pipette Aids", these handy devices are an essential part of any cell/tissue culture growth lab. 

When purchasing a pipette controller there are a few important considerations. 

Weight - Prolonged use of the controller can stress muscles and tendons in the wrist. Even a few ounces can have a real impact on user comfort and fatigue

Remote use/charge time/run time - The new generation of controllers have abandoned the old "fish tank pump" in favor of cordless, rechargeable batteries.

While the fish pumps are very durable, they tether the user to an outlet. More flexibility is available with a rechargeable device, but make sure to look for quick recharge time and a long battery life to maximize usability. 

Length of warranty - Any lab device that is used heavily is prone to breaking down. Be sure to look for a warranty that is at least two years and inquire what it covers. 

Our Stellar Sci Pipette Controller, for example, comes with a three year full replacement warranty. 

Choose Stellar Scientific whether replacing an old unit or outfitting a new lab. We offer generous volume discounts when purchasing multiple units at once.