Microlit Ultimus BTD

Microlit Ultimus is a Bottle Top Dispenser that works on Dual InletTM Technology, Recirculation Valve Technology and Springless ValveTM Technology. The Dual Inlet Technology, patented in the US and EU, enables 4 liquid handling modes – rinsing, dilution, refilling & purging without dismounting the dispenser.

Microlit Ultimus, a bottle dispenser, is more than just a scientific instrument. It has a wide application in standard laboratory environments such as pharmaceuticals, academics, research institutes, healthcare institutions, and the food & beverage industry to dispenser solvents, corrosive acids and other reagents.

Ultimus may also be used in the industry as an e-liquid bottle dispenser, essential oils bottle dispenser or a CBD oil bottle dispenser.

With increasing industrial demand, the popularity of Microlit bottle top dispensers is expected to go as more industries discover the top-notch quality, high functionality, and assured improvement in efficiency that the bottle dispenser offers.