Stellar Scientific is a one-stop shop for all your cloning reagents, lab equipment and supplies. From PCR reactions to bacterial transformations and DNA preps, we have what you need.

Our line of PCR reagents includes high fidelity and hot start DNA polymerases to maximize your DNA yield while minimizing errors. We also carry everything you required for specialty PCR applications, including cDNA synthesis, qPCR, and genotyping experiments.

In addition to enzymes and dNTPs, we have the supplies and plasticware you need to prepare your PCR reactions, including 96-well PCR plates and seals, 8-well strip tubes, and individual micro tubes in a variety of styles and designs.

For preparing high-throughput reactions, we offer 96-well-compatible mini centrifuges and a range of multichannel pipettes and tips. We also provide several specialty items designed to simplify experimental set-up, such as our unique coolable workstations that keep reactions cold without ice.

When it comes to thermal cyclers, we offer a range of fully-programmable options with a variety of features, including annealing temperature gradients and multi-format blocks for compatibility with various tube sizes.

We also provide the gel electrophoresis equipment and reagents you need to check or purify your DNA: PCR clean-up kits, DNA gel boxes and power supplies, ethidium bromide-free DNA dyes and ladders, and UV imagers—with functional capabilities and features ranging from simple to complex—to visualize bands.

With our new SMOBio Champion E. coli transformation kit, you can prepare competent cells and transform your DNA constructs in a matter of minutes. After transformation, our selection of incubators, shakers, and centrifuges is perfect for growing and harvesting bacterial cultures of any size. Finally, purify your amplified DNA construct from bacteria using our DNA prep kits.