Motic SMZ-140

By combining crisp optics with a sturdy metal base the SMZ-143 stereo microscope provides a robust, versatile option for stereo microscopy.

Based on the Greenough zoom optical system, the SMZ-143 provides a zoom ratio of 4:1 and a standard working distance of 80mm to support most applications; modification with additional auxiliary lenses and eyepieces further increase the versatility of this stereo microscope.

Additionally, the robust Greenough optics help ensure a long life for your stereo microscope whether it is used on a benchtop or integrated into other instrumentation

With three optical carrier options and numerous stands and accessories, the SMZ-143 can be specifically configured to meet your requirements.

Additional accessories such as polarization or dark field attachments allow for different contrast methods and addition of a Moticam microscope camera allows capture of high definition photos and video for documentation purposes.