Blot Boxes

One of the most common complaints we hear about competitor's blot boxes are: They are flimsy and tend to break easily. 

We are very proud of the durable construction of our blot boxes. They are very flat, feature secure fitting lids and strong hinges which make them less prone to crack and fall apart. 

Unlike some competitors, almost all of our blot boxes are sold in packs no less than five, making them an excellent deal. 

Stellar Scientific offers blot boxes in the most popular sizes for use with both DNA and protein gels. We've given some guidelines to let you know which box is right for which gel type. 

Unlike most other blot box distributors, we have photographed each box individually so you can visualize what you are purchasing and confirm it is correct for your needs. 

There are three blot boxes that are available in black to protect light-sensitive gels. No more wrapping old tip boxes in aluminum foil. 

If you work with Novex gels, you will appreciate the new blot boxes designed just for this unique size. 

Protein gels, Western blots, Northern blots or Southern blots, we have the solution for you at a price that makes sense.