Electronic Pipettes

Whether driven by high-throughput screening demands or the desire to minimize injury due to repetitive pipetting, the electronic pipette is an important problem-solving piece of lab equipment. 

Once thought to be inferior to manual pipettes in accuracy, a steady stream of upgrades and improvements now place the electronic pipette as a superior option for laboratory liquid handling activities. 

Beyond the medical benefits of reduced risk from repetative stress injury, other key qualities that make electronic pipettes advantageous are:

Programmable operating procedures that eliminate variations in pipetting techniques by different lab members.

Automate your serial dilutions, in the tip mixing and set up accurate reverse pipetting

Available password protection to prevent modification of establishes procedures by "rogue" lab members.

Stellar Scientific carries several top brand items including the Excel series from Labnet and the unique Ovation from Vista Lab.

Labnet Excel electronic pipettes are compatible with our Teepa Tip universal low-retention pipette tips. 

Priced competitively and backed by our satisfaction guarantee, you cannot go wrong with either model. 

We are happy to set you up with a demo unit to test for compatibility and comfort.

Contact us  with your needs and we'll take excellent care of you!