Multi-Channel Pipette Tips

One of the more common issues plaguing laboratory research is lack of repeatability.

There can be many reasons why an experiment cannot be reproduced, but one aspect that is relatively easy for the researcher to control is pipetting accuracy

It begins with a properly calibrated pipette, good training in pipetting technique and ends with the proper pairing of pipette tip that best fits the pipette in use.

Even once one has mastered the correct approach to pipetting with a single-channel or fixed volume pipette, moving up to a multi-channel pipette requires additional care and adaptation because it is not simply more of the same. 

Multi-channel pipettes are notoriously difficult to seat all the pipette tips correctly so that an equal volume is aspirated and dispensed across the entire pipette.

Depending on what the nose-cone of the multichannel pipette is made of and whether or not the design incorporates an o-ring, it is conceivable that both the pipetting tool and the pipette tips could both be made from plastic, which makes it more challenging to create an effective vacuum seal. 

When looking for the best pipette tips for multichannel pipetting, Stellar Scientific recommends the One Touch brand of pipette tip. 

Unlike standard pipette tips which are made from the same plastic as the barrel and shaft, this revolutionary pipette tip is manufactured from two different resins.

The collar is made from a soft and stretchable TPE material that requires significantly reduced force to seat the pipette on the pipettor cone and almost always guarantees a tight fit. 

The barrel and shaft of the tip is made of a rigid highly-polished polypropylene that features glass like clarity, superb straightness and easy-to-read graduation lines.

Each collar is color coded for quick identification: 

The green collar indicates this is a 3uL pipette tip

The red collar indicates this is a 10uL pipette tip

The yellow collar indicates this is a 330uL pipette tip

The blue collar indicates this is a 1000uL pipette tip

One Touch tips are available pre-racked and in three formats: Non-sterile, sterile and sterile-barrier/filter pipette tip