Microscope Slides And Cover Glass

Why pay for name brand slides when ours work just as well and cost so much less? 

Stellar Scientific offers two versions of microscope slides to meet every application and budget. Choose a standard slide for routine work and for the classroom. 

Our Diamond White glass slides come either charged (lysine coated) or non-charged and are made from the highest quality Swiss water glass. No deposits that give off a greenish hue when turned on its side.

Made from the same material that is used in LCD screens.

You will see your sample and not the glass. 

Perfect for pathology labs working with paraffin and frozen sections. Our lysine coated slides have been tested extensively and have a proven track record maintaining a sure hold for both IHC and ISH. 

Color code in one of ten exquisite colors for NO ADDITIONAL COST. 

Twenty-six sizes of glass cover glass (cover slips) to choose from in the most popular sizes, including two 1.5 size choices for confocal microscopy. 

We also carry an assortment of storage solutions for safely preserving and transporting your microscope slide collection.