Bacterial Sample Prep

MicroGEM's novel DNA extraction processes uses a column-free, magnetic-bead free process that involves no toxic solvents.
The ability to detect bacterial strains which are in low abundance in microbiomes can drastically impact the interpretation of microbiological changes. Isolation of total DNA is the key step to ensure the sample obtained is truly representative of the community as a whole and is of high-quality, high-purity, and as unbiased as possible. Due to the obvious heterogeneity of the environmental sample, it is difficult to lyse cells of all species with equal efficacy.

Traditional and currently available methods are too harsh on the sample resulting in possible physical damage to DNA. This is a particular issue with regard to recovery of DNA from low abundance species.

The prepGEM Bacteria kit uses a novel cocktail of mild buffers, MicroGEM’s aggressive thermophilic proteinase (prepGEM) and mesophilic lysozyme to gently but effectively lyse cells from both gram positive and negative bacteria from metagenomic samples. This gentle lysis process without any transfer steps ensure that the integrity of low abundance species is preserved.

prepGEM Bacteria effortlessly extracts DNA from a wide variety of microbial samples including:
  • gram-positive bacteria
  • gram-negative bacteria
  • protozoa
  • colonies and liquid cultures
  • biofilm and mucosal
  • archaea
  • swabs
  • metagenomic DNA
  • (soil, stool, and water)

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