The choice of which laboratory gloves to purchase can be very personal. For many its all about the comfort and fit. For others, the color and texture are important too. 

Above all, laboratory gloves must be durable and puncture resistant to protect your hands from contacting dangerous substances which are part of the day to day work in your typical lab or medical setting. 

Stellar Scientific features a collection of gloves that meet and exceed expectations. We carry nitrile gloves for those who are sensitive to latex or want a greater variety of textures and feel. Latex gloves are still the standard in most places. You will find neoprene or chloroprene gloves here as well for labs that work with more caustic and industrial compounds. 

Almost all of of our gloves meet the following qualifications (check individual pages): 

  • Passes viral penetration test (ASTM F1671)
  • 510K/Approved for medical use
  • ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 Certified QMS you can feel secure knowing your hands are protected and will feel great (and look great!) too.