Automated Blot Processor

Speed up your blot processing with a Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot® automated blot processor for incubating and washing blots and gels, after the transfer from gel to blot.

Using a microprocessor for precise timing and dispensing, the Blot Bot automatically processes Westerns, Northerns, and Southerns in a consistent manner, every time. Ideal for unattended staining of gels, it frees you from babysitting your samples.

How Simple is the Blot Bot to use?

Just add your buffers and reagents, and the BlotBot carries out your existing protocol.

  • Consistent processing. Better results.
  • Plan your next experiment over coffee, not lunch.
  • Process blots unattended so you can focus on other tasks.
  • Use as little as 3.5 mL of antibody (or up to 50 mL of reagent) for each mini blot, and recover separately.
  • Large color LCD display for easy programming of protocols.

Never be chained to your timer or rocker again

Are you chained to your timer? Throw it out and use the Freedom Rocker BlotBot. Simply place your blots, gels, or slides in trays, set the program, connect the bottles/tubes of reagents and walk away. The microcontroller in the Freedom Rocker BlotBot will ensure that the reagents and washes will be accurately pumped into and out of the trays at the precise times. Results will be consistent because all trays will receive the same reagent or wash buffer at the same time in equal volumes. Multi-dispense models can even dispense one different reagent to each tray, i.e. primary or secondary antibody.

Be productive and concentrate on another task, enjoy your lunch, OR let it run overnight!

Automated Processor for Western Blots
Consistent automated blot processing with the BlotBot.

western blot, processed / washed with Freedom Rocker
Western blot analysis of extracts from human squamous carcinoma cells using anti-myc antibody. Courtesy of Dr. Aparna Ranganathan, the University at Albany (SUNY). 

Improve the consistency and accuracy or your blots

By automating the processing of blots and gels, the Freedom Rocker BlotBot yields very consistent and accurate blots, gels, and slides. It automatically dispenses and aspirates equal volumes of reagents from multiple trays simultaneously. The samples in all the trays will experience the exact same protocol.

Shave Months Off Your Research with the Blot Bot

Complete the testing portion of your research project in half the time. Blots are ready when you arrive at work. You can review them over coffee, not lunch, so you can start your next test iteration the same day.Increase Productivity

Automatically processing blots and gels cuts down on distractions. Instead of babysitting your blots you have more time to focus on other tasks, eat lunch, or attend meetings – or let it run overnight.

Through increased productivity, the Freedom Rocker BlotBot pays for itself in about 30 uses.

The Freedom Rocker BlotBot replicates your existing protocols.

There is no need to develop new protocols so you can start processing right away.

Risk Free Purchase

The Freedom Rocker BlotBot comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty.