Bactron Anaerobic Chambers

Anaerobic chambers significantly improve culturing and identification. They also reduce consumable costs typically experienced with the use of anaerobic jars or bags.

Anaerobic chambers from Sheldon Manufacturing combine glove free handling of samples with a consistent, oxygen free environment that promotes faster sample turnaround.

BACTRON brand anaerobic chambers from Sheldon Manufacturing are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel components to ensure chamber integrity and longevity. The BACTRON brand offers a variety of models to meet the space demands of various applications and workflows.

Ample workspace within the BACTRON anaerobic chamber facilitates the completion of procedures from unpacking material to inoculation, incubation, inspection, and recovery - all without a single exposure to oxygen.

Our Bactron systems are based on a design that places a digitally-controlled incubator inside an anaerobic environment chamber.  This allows you to culture cells at 37°C without incubating your arms and media/supplies in such a muggy temperature; also you can perform your assays and procedures in the near-room-temperature anaerobic chamber so you don’t run the risk of going outside of the assay manufacturer’s recommended protocols (which can happen if you try to run assays in other anaerobic chambers where the entire thing is heated to 37C).

Bactron systems use an Anaerobic Mixed Gas (AMG) that supplies the CO2 for your cultures and H2 for reducing power to eliminate contaminant oxygen.  The AMG we recommend is 5% H2, 5% CO2, and 90% N2, and this is represented by AirGas part number X03NI90C3001054 for example. 

There’s a palladium catalyst in the chamber where the reaction between H2 and O2 takes place and the catalyst does require “regeneration” by baking it in a 200°C laboratory oven for a few hours a day to drive off any adsorbed fatty acids or sulfur compounds that might evolve from your cultures if they excrete VOCs or VSCs.  We provide 2 catalysts so you can use one while baking the other, and if your oven has a timer then you can take a freshly-baked catalyst from the oven at the end of the day and put it in the chamber, and take the used one from the chamber and put it in the oven to bake overnight on a timer so it’s cool by the next day.