Labnet Liquid Handling

Labnet is a name that is well-respected for their superb liquid handling products that covers the entire range of laboratory activities from pipetting to aliquoting and liquid dispensing. 

The Labnet BioPette is one of the most frequently duplicated and replicated model of micropipette because of its reputation for comfort and delivering reproducable and accurate results.

Ready to move up to a multichannel pipette? Labnet BioPettes are available in both 8 and 12 channel formats that range from 1-10uL up to 300uL. 

Labnet Excel electronic pipettes  take the exceptional BioPette design and load them up with additional features and a soft-touch button to reduce repeat stress injury. 

The Labnet FastPette family of pipette controllers offer reliable and consistent performance with great features like long battery life and intuitive speed control. 

The Labnet R Repeating Pipette uses inexpensive BioFree Combo Syringe pipette tips to speed up your aliquoting. 

When these items go on sale, a good deal becomes an exceptional deal. 

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