VistaLab Macro Tips

VistaLab Macro Pipette tips are designed for use with one of the two VistaLab Electronic ergonomic Macro volume pipettes. 

Like every pipette designed by VistaLab, the Macro volume pipette offers a radical new design that has been proven to reduce or eliminate repetitive stress injuries that are so common with pipetting. 

Other manufacturers claim to offer ergonomic pipettes but VistaLab is the only one that can proudly claim this title. 

The VistaLab Macro Pipettes come in 5mL and 10mL volume and contain sophisticated software that offers a range of control not found in other pipette controller (also called pipette aids).

Think of the VistaLab Macro Pipette as a larger volume electronic single channel pipette which can be programmed to perform serial dilutions, mixing and reverse pipetting. 

The VistaLab Macro Pipette operates with one of these specially designed macro pipette tips or, for maximum cost efficiency, work just as well with standard serological pipettes. 

Complete your purchase of a VistaLab Macro Pipette by adding one of these macro volume pipette tips to your shopping cart. 

Some tips must be purchased in quantity and that is indicated on the product page.