New Lab Discount Program

Congratulations on the monumental achievement of becoming a PI and opening a new laboratory!

It takes years of hard work, perseverance and dedication to reach this milestone.

The best is yet to come!

There is a lot of work to be done to get your new lab ready for operation. Unless you are inheriting an established laboratory, you will likely need to buy everything from large lab equipment to tube racks and nitrile gloves.

Stellar Scientific is here to make the journey enjoyable and productive.

We recognize that, while there are many pieces of lab equipment common to a wide range of research, no two laboratories are exactly the same, and so each new lab should receive a discount package tailored made for them.

Will you need ULT freezers and biomedical refrigerators? Are you bringing any centrifuges or incubators from your previous job?

Does your new facility come equipped with biosafety cabinets or are you starting with just the bare bones?

Is laboratory automation going to play a role or will you primarily be doing manual pipetting and things “the old-fashioned way?”

Because many large pieces of lab equipment like incubators and lab ovens are built to order, the sooner the PI can begin making purchases, the more likely the new lab will open on schedule.

Do you have questions about purchasing laboratory equipment for your start-up lab?

Give Stellar Scientific a call and one of our Stellar reps will guide you through every part of the purchasing process.

Call us 410-764-2225 9-5PM EST, or fill out the form below and lets discuss your unique start-up lab needs

You just made another brilliant decision trusting Stellar Scientific to build the best new lab discount, just for you.