Centrifuge Tubes

Stellar Scientific has developed several unique brands of centrifuge and micro-centrifuge tubes.

Our incredibly popular CentriCutie® 5mL screw cap tubes are used by research institutions, government entities, drug discovery companies and more all across North America. 

Our beautifully colored iTubes help labs who wish to keep their samples and medications organized. They are especially popular with animal labs.

Our CentriSolo™ 15 and 50mL individually wrapped conical tubes are perfect for clean-rooms and other situations where sterility is an absolute must. 


Our Deadbolt and T3 1.5ml tubes offer unique features like a guaranteed boil-proof cap or self-standing bag that will not tip over on the bench.

Our See-More tubes are the pinnacle of clarity and comfort.

Of course, we carry the standard 15 and 50mL conical tubes for storage and centrifugation. tubes.

All of our tubes are certified RNase DNase and pyrogen free.

Sterile products are gamma or e-beam irradiated depending on the supplier and are noted as sterile. 

Unless otherwise specified, our tubes are made from virgin polypropylene, are chemically inert and chemically resistant.

They may be stored as low as -86 C without fear or concern for cracking or leaking.