Media Bottles

Media bottles are available in the most popular sizes for all your laboratory solution and media storage needs.

Foxx Life Sciences media bottles are available in polycarbonate, PETG, and polystyrene to give you the most options for your media storage.

Bottles are sold in cases of twenty-four (24) and can be ordered sterile or non-sterile. 

Media bottles are designed to hold full vacuum and may be used with our Autofil® vacuum systems. 

Each Autofil® media bottle has features that improve the handling of the bottle, especially when the bottle is wet. The narrow bottle shoulder, combined with the molded finger grips, improves the ability to securely grip the bottle with gloved hands.

The patented, SECUREgrasp™ bottle cap enables easy handling and carrying of the bottle.

The innovative cap also allows for easy uncapping, tightening, and bottle stacking and provides a large surface for bottle labeling. 

CellTreat bottles are available in sterile polystyrene and are compatible with any of the CellTreat vacuum driven filter unit tops or as stand-alone storage bottles.