Motic Stereo (dissecting) Microscopes

Stereo microscopes are used in countless settings. Anatomy and physiology, geology, forensics, jewelry making, examining electronics, and so on.

Things to look for when making your selection are:

Working distance: How much room is needed between the objective and the subject matter you are studying. If the desired distance is not attainable with the basic set-up, reducing lenses can be purchased to increase the distance. 

Power: Most stereo microscopes offer magnification up to 40x. Higher end models deliver 50x

Light source: Do you need incident (from above), transmitted (from below) or a combination? Is your subject very sensitive to heat and requires a cold-light source?

Mobility: Will the microscope be used in a stationary position, or are more elaborate articulating arm stands needed to position precisely over your subject or a series of subjects?

Whatever the need, Motic and Stellar Scientific have a set-up that is right for you at a price you can afford. 

Because of the wide range of needs, we feature just a small selection of Motic stereo microscopes. 

Contact us with your needs and let us work together to create a custom package that works for you.