Multi-Channel Pipettes

Useful in a variety of applications, the multi-channel pipette improves laboratory efficiency by speeding up through-put. 

Effective use of the multi-channel requires additional care to seat tips correctly and achieve uniform accuracy in each tip. 

Important things to look for when choosing a multi-channel pipette are:

It should be lightweight to reduce wrist strain and fatigue.

Ideally it should be fully autoclavable, but at least the manifold (this is the head of the pipette where the tip cones are located) so that it can be restored in the event of a contamination issue. 

The manifold should rotate 360 degrees to make for comfortable use in any position

Tip fit should be universal to avoid having to spend additional time shopping for a new tip just for this item.

Stellar Scientific is pleased to offer multi-channel pipettes from Labnet, Globe Scientific, Scilogex and our own Stellar Scientific ProPette LE brand.

We know how important this tool is for your work and have been exceptionally selective to only features brands that are high-quality, extremely lightweight and guaranteed for long lasting use.