COVID-19 Rapid Tests

A rapid test for COVID-19 is one that can be done at POC (point of care) and does not require the test to be sent to a clinical molecular biology lab to produce results. 

The popular RT-PCR test is an example of a non-rapid test because it must be performed in a clinical laboratory and TAT (turn around time) can take a day up to several weeks depending on the order load. 

Rapid tests for Coronavirus include CLIA waived rapid finger-prick antibody tests and rapid antigen tests. 

Rapid antibody and rapid antigen tests from Stellar Scientific utilize a simple cassette device and require no specialized laboratory equipment to generate results. 

Reading and interpreting any rapid test for COVID-19 requires knowledge of the patient's history, symptoms, the prevalence of infection in the community where testing is done and a variety of other factors.

Stellar Scientific is authorized to distribute these rapid tests only to licensed medical locations or to commercial businesses who are performing on-site testing under the direction of a knowledgeable medical professional.

All rapid antibody and rapid antigen tests for detecting Coronavirus are sold over the phone only and are not available for online purchase. 


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