5mL Centrifuge Tubes

Once thought to be an oddity, the 5mL tubes are now a regular lab staple. Stellar Scientific is the home of the CentriCutie® brand of 5mL screw-cap tubes that are used across North America. 

For light sensitive samples there is now the CocoaCutie opaque screw-cap 5mL tube as well. 

What makes our 5mL tubes so effective is the way they are designed to perfectly mimic the dimensions of a 15mL tube. This means they will fit your standard 15mL centrifuge rotor without the need for an adapter.

Of course, when spinning them at speeds in excess of 4000xg we do provide an adapter that can be securely used up to 25,000xg, making these a better option than a 15mL tube for many applications. 

Stellar Scientific also offers the standard snap-cap variation of the 5mL tube in both sterile and non-sterile options and in a variety of colors. 

You will also find freezer boxes and tube racks designed to accommodate the special height of these 5mL tubes.