CellTreat Syringe Filters

Celltreat sterile syringe filters for sterilizing or clarifying biological media and solutions

Available in five different membrane types and three different porosite densities

Color coded ABS plastic housing

Which syringe filter is right for me? Here is a handy little guide to direct you to the filter that best matches your needs.

PES membrane (Green) - Low affinity for proteins and extractables • Faster flow rate than PDVF • Pre-filtration and filtration of buffers and culture media

PVDF membrane (Blue) - Low protein-binding for filtration of non-aggressive aqueous and mild organic solutions • Maximizes protein recovery • High temperature filtration

MCE membrane (Yellow) - Filtration of aqueous solutions • Effectively binds trace proteins • Oil particulates and bacteria filtration

NYLON membrane (Pink) - Universal application for analytical procedures • Chemical filtration • Beverage filtration

PTFE membrane (White) - Hydrophobic membrane has great temperature resistance • Degassing/clarifying aqueous samples • Strong acid solvent filtration • Alkali solvent filtration