Vortex Mixers

Vortex mixers are designed to produce vigorous mixing by creating a small "tornado" effect inside the vessel that stores the substance to be mixed.

Vortex mixers can be small, no larger than the palm of your hand, or quite large and heavy.

A vortex mixer can operate at room temperature, or can be combined with heating or cooling elements to alter the conditions in which the mixing takes place. 

Each manufacturer designs their vortex mixer with unique features, but some basic things to look for when considering a vortex mixer are: 

  • Does it offer speed control to modify the force?

  • Can it be set to run continuously or just turn on when pressure is applied? 

  • What size tube or tubes does it mix well and..

  • What accessories can be purchased to expand the mixing capacity of the vortexer? 

Vortex mixers are typically used for blending substances in conical micro tubes ranging from as small at 0.2mL up to 50mL.

Sometimes a vortex mixer can be combined with beads to create a disruptor or homogenizer. 

Stellar Scientific offers a diverse group of lab mixers and vortex mixers that cover a broad range of molecular biology applications.