Drawer Freezer Racks

The most durable and well-constructed of all freezer rack types.

These drawer racks resemble a library-card catalog and even come with a slot on the front of the freezer rack for inserting a card to identify the contents. 

Freezer drawer racks are designed to be left inside the freezer so that only the specific drawer need be extended to retrieve the necessary sample or contents. 

Because of their heavy-weight construction these racks can be quite heavy, especially the larger variations, which allows them to remain anchored well inside the freezer. 

They can be difficult to maneuver when defrosting a laboratory freezer so it can be advised to park them on lower level racks for easier removal. 

If you lab personnel are slight in stature, consider a laboratory freezer rack with a sliding tray system as a light-weight alternative that performs in essentially the same manner.