15 and 50mL Conical Tube Racks

This category of freezer racks offers two distinct options for storing 15 and 50mL conical tubes. 

If you prefer to store them in freezer boxes, there are racks designed to hold up to eight boxes at a time.

Total maximum capacity would be 288 x 15mL tubes (each box can hold 36 tubes) or 128 x 50mL tubes (each box can hold 16 tubes)

We also offer drawer racks with embedded rings that holds each tube independently. Each freezer rack sports a slot for inserting an identification card in front to help keep samples organized.

Freezer Racks for conical tubes are available in single or double drawer height with a maximum storage capacity of 208 x 15mL tubes or 102 x 50mL tubes. 

These drawer racks run on the heavy side. The best application is for freezers located where the door can be fully opened and samples retrieved without having to extract the freezer rack.