Lab Chemicals

Stellar Scientific has partnered with ChemPure as well as other reputable lab chemical manufacturers to bring our customers high-quality laboratory chemicals that meet and exceed all certifications and requirements. 

The mission of ChemPure is simple: To source eighty percent of our materials from North American companies, certify outsourced materials and package materials to meet or exceed our high standards.

Chempure is proud to make every effort in sourcing for both quality and value for the ChemPure Brand while utilizing American made products and supporting American jobs.

We have MSDS documentation available for all chemical products sold. Please reach out to us via our "contact us" page to request MSDS documents. 

Turn to Stellar Scientific and Chempure for common chemicals utilized in analytical and research laboratories. 

IMPORTANT - Many of the chemicals here must be shipped to a business address. If you provide us with a residence, even if this is where you operate your business, we will not be able to fill your order. 

We will make an attempt to reach out to you for a different shipping address which can result in additional delays and loss of productivity. 

To avoid this, do not direct us to ship to anywhere but a legitimate business address.